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Customised Copies

Prior to the printing of the book in June 2023 there is the opportunity to produce your very own customised "Great Golf Courses of the World" book in the form of your own personalised front cover jacket. This will be unique and exclusive to your organisation and is an ideal corporate or client gift.


The minimum quantity is 100 copies of the book and the customising allows you to personalise key elements of the jacket including:


  • your choice of front cover image from Gary's extensive image selection

  • inclusion of your logo 

  • personalising of the inside front cover text 

  • back cover layout, text, logos


Sample customised jacket layouts

The panographic nature of the book is the perfect forum to showcase the generally landscape nature of the images Gary has captured. In many cases a single image  is highlighted running across the full page.

Thank you. We will be in contact to discuss your needs.

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